Amethyst will give you the power to control evil kind of thoughts, which can be very harmful and dangerous for your future and even for your life. And because of this control you gain a lot of things. It speeds up your intelegence,your mind will become wide open. You start understanding things in much better way.
In business activities also this stone helps you a lot. It makes you wise in taking decisions in any matter. It helps you in maintaining good relationship with your client.
You will find that overall after wearing this stone your mind will work in a different manner. If you get over excited usually then don't worry this stone will calm down the overexcitement phenomena of your body and make you normal like other people,
because overexcitement is not good for health this can damage the nerve cells of your brain.
It works good against witchcraft and black magic. It will also keep your brain healthy. It also implants in you the capability to know about future in dreams.