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Black magic spells is part of magic spells, only black magic cast way to do is different. Magic spells are also cast in other ways, Such as Black Magic Spells and White Magic Spells and is many more ways to cast the magic spells. Just human can cast magic spells according to his convenience. But according to that the human can gets the benefit in their life.

Spell or Magic, when the human does use right way to cast the magic spell in the life, then human can see the 100% result in their life.

In today’s world everybody wants to get success and progress immediately and everybody is in hurry to earn fast money. Mostly people in today’s world are in a hast to earn money as fast as they can, due to which they wont mind making losses to their companions, friends or relatives. In this situation if your enemy is more powerful than you so what will you do? Thus to protect your self from loosing from such people the only and the most powerful spells in this world are the BLACK MAGIC SPELLS

With the help of these BLACK MAGIC SPELLS you can destroy your enemies by just casting these BLACK MAGIC SPELLS at home. You can overcome and defeat your competitor no matter at which position and how much power your competitor has. With the great help of BLACK MAGIC SPELLS you can also protect your house, family, business, properties, relatives, … if you wish

Also there is a possibility by usage of some specially prepared BLACK MAGIC SPELLS sometimes you can get the name of the person who is casting the BLACK MAGIC SPELLS against you. You can get enough protection by the casting of these BLACK MAGIC SPELLS

BLACK MAGIC SPELLS can back fire the MAGIC which your enemy has done towards, in this case your enemy gets destroyed and would never think to compete with you in any aspect of life. But all this in only possible if you cast real and authentic BLACK MAGIC SPELLS

BLACK MAGIC SPELLS is a Black studies. Mostly in casting BLACK MAGIC SPELLS animals like black crow, black cat, black hen, black owl, black bat are used. Also in some BLACK MAGIC SPELLS casting people use the graveyard as the place of casting.

Things used for Black Magic Spells Casting :

Lime, Iron nail, Red colour, Black colour, Black clothes, 100 grams meat, Black mat, Black hakik rosary.

Black Magic Spells Casting :

At half moon night between 12 – 3 in the night. Place the Black mat on the ground and sit on it facing the north direction. Use black colour and make a circle mark on the ground around you. Place half cut lime in front of you and add the red colour and the Black colour on it. Place the 100 grams of meat and the iron nail next to the lime.


Start praying below mantra (verses) 700 times. Also remember, after each verse you have to take the name of your enemy. After you finish the prayers 700 times so the iron nail will get activated and will gain the power. Then you have to hammer the iron nail in a tree.

You will notice that Slowly Slowly and day by day the leaves and the tree itself will start getting dried and as the tree start getting dried so you will also notice that your enemy will start becoming weak in front of you.

Mantra (verses):

“ YA – LOLAEL – YA – NUN – YA – NURO ”

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