In olden times if the person is angry on some one due to some reason so this person used to curse that person by casting curse spells on this person. And the curse would really work and would destroy this person like anything. Curse spells are the spells of ancient times which were used by the aghories, rishi munis, sadhus, tantriks. They used to ask the person who was affected by the enemy and then they used to cast the curse spells to teach the enemy a lesson. If you want to take revenge from some one so you can go for the casting of Curse spells. And before casting of the Curse spells the name of the person on whom it has to be casting should be taken many times so that the Curse spells works properly. Curse spells are very powerful spells and when casting on someone it become very hard for the person to come out of these Curse spells. The Curse spells are very dangerous and a normal spiritualist cannot remove the casting of Curse spells from a person. A proper spiritual guru can only remove the casted Curse spells form the person. If you don’t get a correct spiritual guru then it is very tough for the removal of the Curse spells. I will give you an idea of how the curse spells are casted. A proper spiritual guru will take a cloth in his hand and will take the name of the person along with the prayers who is to be affected by the curse. Then after some time the cloth catches fire on its own and fully burns. When the cloth catches fire on its own so this means that your enemy is affected by the Curse spells. I by the permission of god have prepared the Curse spells and have casted only on the people who are bad and want to kill or harm good people. Even if you are being troubled by your enemies so you can inform me and I will caste the Curse spells on your enemies.

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