This stone is very helpful for someone who wants to become a good speaker. Many people in this world crave to become a good speaker but many fail drastically after all their attempts, some are scared even to go on the stage their feet start trembling and there are many more cases of such kind. Well after wearing this stone you will see the difference in your speaking, your speaking power will improve tremendously, your speech will be very strong and will have a tremendous effect on the people and at the same time you will have a lot of courage to come in front of the people. This stone will make your financial condition very good. If you are in business, soon your business will start growing. Well this stone will make you financially fit and healthy. It helps in curing liver problems too. It helps the body in producing bile if necessary. Dysenteries are also in control. It also enhances the memory and intelligence. You are protected against poison also. It also protects the wearer against committing personal bad deeds. It is good for eyes also. Evil spirits don't come where this stone is present.