Dear devotees

I am a Spiritualist; my name is BILAL KHAN.
BILAL is my birth name and ZOHANI is my spiritual name.

I address to all the human beings in this world, which is full of wonderful things. But the people in this world are unable to enjoy the beauty and happiness of this world, and so fill their hearts with sadness and remain uneasy for their lives. My dear devotees let me tell you that the only cause of all the suffering, miseries and all the failures, which a person faces throughout his life, is only and only because of the PROBLEMS. People are unable to get proper solutions to solve their numerous problems and thus suffer and die before their natural deaths. So dear devotees now it is very clear that if proper spiritual powers are applied to destroy these problems! Only then human beings can live with peace, harmony and enjoy the pleasures of life.
Yes my dear devotees here are those great, strong, and effective POWERS which can easily catch and destroy the particular problem of the suffering person.
I have acquired these powers from my ancestors who were so powerful that they used to cure even those people who were on dead bed, almost dead, having deadly diseases in their body, wanted to commit suiside, did not want to live any more, and more such kind of cases have been cured. These powers have been experimented on numerous people, who were affected by strong evils spirit, dangerous ghost, affected by deadly black magic's and also those who were affected by witches of the black valleys. These powers have been extracted from SUN, MOON, AIR, WATER, and EARTH. Then these powers were together combined. Proper calculations have been done so that the power should be very effective in curing the problems of the suffering people. Now this abundance of powers is with me. Till now who ever used these powers got beautiful results and were satisfied. So now dear devotees I invite all those who are in trouble, suffering, having anxieties, miseries and want to gain in life can take the power and cure the problem and lead a happy life full of prosperity and peace.

Dear Devotees, here are some of the cures of common problem's that many people face through out their lives, and I am giving the solutions so that they can live a peaceful life, and also if you or any one may have a special request or demand then you can always approach me by email or telephone.