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What is spell? Is it a thing that you can see and get in your house and then cast on any thing and you get result? Spell is that thing that god has gifted to the spiritual gurus and masters, that the person can go with good and proper deed to god almighty. Spell is for persons soul satisfaction and some spells are also used for prayers, some are use for meditation by people of different religions. Spell casting can easily solve the problems of the people. You get a lot of different kinds of knowledge and book about spell casting. Does reading of book make you a proper and complete spell caster? The answer is no, it is not possible. And if this would be right then any person could just read books and become a spiritual master easily thus then no body would go to the spiritual masters for spell casting. Just remember one thing that incomplete information can give you harm. If any time you want to go for the spell casting for any purpose just remember that you have to go to the right spiritual master other wise wrong person can even give you harm by casting the spell in a wrong way and you can be the sufferer in that case. That is why I am telling you indirectly not to cast the spells by yourself or by a person who claims that he is a spiritual master but actually is not. There are a lot of things to be considered at the time of casting like the things purchased from the market should be original, proper casting timing, deep, clean meditation with concentration which only a proper spiritual guru can do. Thus when I cast spells so the person surely and definitely get the result of the spell casting.

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